mardi 23 septembre 2014

Just bought a small mirror

First one I have done with a mirror. It's looks like a fake twin, I didn't  think photo vs mirror was so different.

Self portrait

I started to look at the facial anatomy, best way to learn it is using myself

Clouds studies

Material studies

metal studies from random images

Environnement sketches

I need to do more of these, more more and more.

Mulins study

I wanted to try a new brush while I browsing Craig Mullins website for few minutes

Still life paintings

Photo studies

quick environment photo studies

Environnement sketche

I was trying to sketch some landscape for me head, no very happy about them but it was still interesting to do. I really need to grow my environment library

More masters studies

Masters colour studies

This time I focused on color, it is quite overwhelming at the beginning to grasp everything in around 30 mins but I love this exercise, it shows be what a good image should looks like.
The last one is a full color study from Albert Biertadt, amazing landscapist form the very old day.
It took me around 6 hours and I didn't even finish working on the background.